cosmetic tattoos

Natural-looking cosmetic tattoos

25 min Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation Phone free / In-studio $45+tx

  • Please read the Cosmetic Tattooing Guide before booking a
  • Consultations are required if you have evidence of previously tattooed brows and are not yet a Flamingo Room
  • We do not pre-draw the shape at your consultation but discuss your preferences and how we find the shape.
  • Brow Lamination $75+tx w/Tint – $95+tx
  • Perfect for those with a full to medium amount of brow hair.
  • Tames hair which is coarse or irregular in direction. Gives a groomed, brushed-up look.
  • Non-invasive. Includes brow shaping. 60min.
  • Add a tint to really make the look pop!
  • Non-laser Brow Tattoo Lightening $125+tx per session.
  • Lighten/remove pre-existing eyebrow tattoos.
  • 1.5hrs.
  • Call to book an emergency removal. Must be within 48hrs of receiving the brow tattoo.

Cosmetic Tattooing Services

Please read the Cosmetic Tattooing Guide before booking any of the following services.

  • Combo Brows $499+tx. Includes 1st touch-up.
  • Machine-drawn (Nano) individual hair strokes and micro shading as needed to create fuller and more defined
  • Requires a good amount of natural hair. For those with dry to normal skin. Not for those with large pores,
    oily, thin, or mature skin (over 40).
  • 3.5hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1-2 years.
  • Ombré/Powder Brow $499+tx. Includes 1st touch-up.
  • My style is soft and natural-looking. Please note I do not do full-make-up looks.
  • The best technique to cover faded brow tattoos, clients with little to no brow hair.
  • Suitable for all skin types, and ages.
  • 3hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1.5-4 years
  • Lip Blushing $550+tx Includes 1st touch-up
  • Soft and natural-looking lip pigmentation.
  • Must send a picture of your lips before the appointment is confirmed.
  • 4hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 2-5 years.
  • Lip Neutralizing $550+tx Includes 1st touch-up
  • For clients with dark or cool-toned lips wanting to lighten and even out lip colour.
  • Must send a picture of your lips before the appointment is confirmed.
  • Requires 2-3 sessions.
  • 4hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 2-5 years.

  • Touch-ups For existing clients only.
  • Free 6-10 wks after the initial service.
  • 2nd touch-up within 4 months of the first appointment $75+tx
  • Touch-up 5 months–3 years $280+tx
  • Touch-up after 3-5 years $375+tx

Before and after close up with the before photo on top, of tattooed eyebrows on a fair skinned woman with light brown coloured eyes and light makeup. Collage of before and after photos of a woman with eyebrow tattoos. The single photo on top is a close up showing the detail. The woman has fair skin, and light brown hair, her eyebrows are slightly ginger. Collage of three images with before and after shots of makeup tattooing on a woman's lips. The woman is blond with blue eyes and her lips look significantly more pink and accentuated in the Woman with pink hair and wearing a leopard print mask and blue striped shirt is bent over another woman while shaping her eyebrows. The second woman has dark brown hair and looks relaxed, with her eyes closed. Before and after photos of a blond woman with blue eyes and light brown eyebrow tattoos (in the Photo of a woman with pink/purple coloured hair and a leopard print mask looking into the camera. The photo demonstrates her nicely shaped and tattoed eyebrows. Photo of a dark brown haired woman with a neutral expression looking into the camera. She is wearing little to no makeup but has nicely shaped and tattoed eyebrows of a similar color to her hair. Closeup of a woman looking into the camera with light brown shaped eyebrows. Her skin is white and very soft looking, and she has dark brown eyes. Three images in a collage giving an example of soft powder brows on a woman with light brown hair and blond highlights. Her eyes are green and she looks happy in the photos. Close up of a woman's face with smooth skin, very green eyes and nicely shaped tattooed eyebrows Before and after shots of a middle age woman with greying hair with cosmetic tattooing in her eyebrows Collage of four photos with before and after photos of two elderly women with eyebrow tattooing Woman in a mirror touching up the shaping on her own eyebrows, she is surrounded by light coloured pink drapes with flamingos on them, and wearing a hat with the same gentle pattern. Before and after photo side by side of a dark haired woman with tan skin and brown eyes with cosmetic tattoos done on her eyebrows Before and after close up of makeup tattooing on lips. The before photo is on top. You can tell clearly in the Collage with three photos showing a before and after transformation of a middle aged woman with grey hair who had very thin eyebrows, and now has nicely shaped tattoed eyebrows in a light brow colour. She looks very happy in the Close up of cosmetic tattooing on lips. The lips look very pink, plump and glossy. Before and after photos (before photo is on the left and after is on the right) of a ginger woman who had very thin wispy eyebrows and now has nicely shaped eyebrows in a very similar colour to her hair. Very close up shot of a soft light brown eyebrow that's been tattoed. The photo is very close so you can only see one of the woman's eyes with her eyebrow. Three images in a collage of a woman with blonde hair. Her eyes are blue and she looks happy in the photos, especially the bottom left and photo on the right which are clearly

Meet artist


I get it! I also used to have over-plucked thin and patchy brows. Cosmetic tattooing was the perfect solution for me. My new wake-up-and-go brows gave me such a confidence boost that I chose cosmetic tattooing as a career!

Cosmetic tattooing came quite naturally to me. Over the last 20 years, I've created a career as a furniture maker, sculptor, and gallery owner. All of these ventures honed my hands and artistic eye. 

When I'm not in the studio you might find me on the dance floor, playing with fashion, in the garden with my dogs, or creating art with my man.

xoxo, Meredith

Time to get smudge-free make-up!

Client Love Letters

Nicole GuizzoNicole Guizzo
00:47 13 Jun 22
Meredith enhanced what was left of my over-plucked eyebrows in April and finished my touch-up yesterday. I am thrilled with the result! Meredith is a master of her craft, she... combines honesty with technical know-how to help her clients achieve their beauty goals. Her salon is stylish, clean and comfortable! I highly recommend Flamingo Room! 🦩❤️👸read more
Amanda L LandsvikAmanda L Landsvik
11:52 01 May 22
After seeing some of Meredith’s brow work first hand, I was excited my turn had finally come for some new brows. Meredith has an eye for detail - She analyzes and reviews your... face structure, shape and skin colouring - she also considers what your brows will look like once they’ve healed …. You can tell she loves to create the perfect brow for you and with you. The service is very personalized and educational. Meredith is very inviting and makes you feel comfortable throughout! I would highly recommend throwing out the pencil and visiting Meredith for brows you won’t regret!!!read more
Paula BPaula B
16:02 28 Apr 22
Meredith is truly a fine artist. She takes time to get the brows 'just right', constantly taking measurements, listening to her clients wishes and input, as well as being... instructive. Before the process begins, Meredith gives an in depth consultation ensuring knowledge of what to expect throughout the procedure and afterward. Before the actual procedure Meredith shows you the new, hygienically wrapped needle; she wears a face mask during the procedure. The Flamingo Room Brow + Lip Bar follows all health regulations. I felt very comfortable with Meredith and would encourage others to avail themselves of her more
erin springforderin springford
01:45 07 Apr 22
If you are still thinking about whether or not to get your brows done, I highly recommend messaging Meredith. The appointment was relaxed, educational and I felt 100% comfortable... in Meredith's capable hands. She has given me brows that look natural, and the beauty is every day I wake up, I love them even more! I no longer have to draw them on, wondering everyday if I have rubbed them off! Meredith is professional, fun and very well educated!read more
Corry HostetterCorry Hostetter
06:24 15 Jan 22
I met Meredith today for the first time to have brow lamination, tint, and a chat about permanent options. I’ve been trying to get my brows right for a long time, so was really... hoping this would be the place. Well, I feel like I won the brow lottery! Right from the start, Meredith was so welcoming, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She explained everything to me, helped me understand what would work best for me, and why. I literally felt so comfortable during the treatment, I may have fallen asleep :-). And in the end, my brows have never looked so good! If you are searching for the best, look no further than the Flamingo Room and Meredith. You will be so happy you did!read more

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