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25 min Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation Phone free / In-studio $45+tx

  • Please read the Cosmetic Tattooing Guide before booking a
  • Consultations are required if you have evidence of previously tattooed brows and are not yet a Flamingo Room
  • We do not pre-draw the shape at your consultation but discuss your preferences and how we find the shape.
  • Brow Lamination $75+tx w/Tint – $95+tx
  • Perfect for those with a full to medium amount of brow hair.
  • Tames hair which is coarse or irregular in direction. Gives a groomed, brushed-up look.
  • Non-invasive. Includes brow shaping. 60min.
  • Add a tint to really make the look pop!
  • Non-laser Brow Tattoo Lightening $125+tx per session.
  • Lighten/remove pre-existing eyebrow tattoos.
  • 1.5hrs.
  • Call to book an emergency removal. Must be within 48hrs of receiving the brow tattoo.

Cosmetic Tattooing Services

Please read the Cosmetic Tattooing Guide before booking any of the following services.

  • Combo Brows $499+tx. Includes 1st touch-up.
  • Machine-drawn (Nano) individual hair strokes and micro shading as needed to create fuller and more defined
  • Requires a good amount of natural hair. For those with dry to normal skin. Not for those with large pores,
    oily, thin, or mature skin (over 40).
  • 3.5hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1-2 years.
  • Ombré/Powder Brow $499+tx. Includes 1st touch-up.
  • My style is soft and natural-looking. Please note I do not do full-make-up looks.
  • The best technique to cover faded brow tattoos, clients with little to no brow hair.
  • Suitable for all skin types, and ages.
  • 3hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1.5-4 years
  • Lip Blushing $550+tx Includes 1st touch-up
  • Soft and natural-looking lip pigmentation.
  • Must send a picture of your lips before the appointment is confirmed.
  • 4hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 2-5 years.
  • Lip Neutralizing $550+tx Includes 1st touch-up
  • For clients with dark or cool-toned lips wanting to lighten and even out lip colour.
  • Must send a picture of your lips before the appointment is confirmed.
  • Requires 2-3 sessions.
  • 4hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 2-5 years.

  • Touch-ups For existing clients only.
  • Free 6-10 wks after the initial service.
  • 2nd touch-up within 4 months of the first appointment $75+tx
  • Touch-up 5 months–3 years $280+tx
  • Touch-up after 3-5 years $375+tx

Meet Brow Artist


I know the power of on-point sculpted arches! A scar and years of over-plucking gave me thin patchy brows and microblading was the perfect solution. My new wakeup-and-go brows gave me such a confidence boost that I choose cosmetic tattooing as a career. I wanted to provide the same opportunity for people seeking better brows!

I have the hand of a craftswoman, eye of an artist and soul of a visionary. Over the last 20 years, I've created a career as a furniture maker, writer, sculptor, and art gallery owner.

I'm a down to earth gal who loves to dance, play with fashion, have inspired conversations, and shape a great set of brows!

xoxo, Meredith

Time to get your life proof brows


“My experience with Meredith was awesome. She fully explained the process, took time to get the shape perfect and made sure I was as comfortable as possible.”

Penelope Slaon

Meredith is an absolute gem and my brows look incredible! If you are considering getting brows done by Meredith you won't be disappointed!

Kyla Rushton

I felt completely comfortable in your highly competent hands and completely trust your artistic vision. I've had folks clamoring for a referral for your services! Thanks!

Kate Urban

Meredith does a great job. She did mine and although it's super fresh and healing they look great! ”

Kathleen Bell

I got the natural looking brows I wanted! I LOVE THEM! I felt totally cared for, and the little pain involved in the process was well worth the outcome.

Sherry Mossey

I found Meredith to be professional, personable and informed me in detail what to expect during and after the procedure. I’m very happy with how my brows turned out.

Saphy Electra

I appreciated Meredith’s honesty and drive for perfection. She shows pride in her work and has a natural affinity for caring for people.

Wendy Niessen

Meredith is charming, a pleasure to work with and has an eye for detail and beauty. I tend to be very chatty and ask a lot of questions and Meredith was able to answer all my questions and made me feel at home in her studio. My eyebrows came with a few challenges, and she faced them with confidence and turned them into a work of art that fit my face.

Jen Brisson

Meredith is very caring and definitely someone I trust with my brows. I have received so many compliments on my brows and love the way they look. Thank you, Meredith, for an awesome microblading experience.

Panam Dhiman

I walked into this experience not really knowing what to expect - didn't know what it would feel like or look like. In fact, I did little research or planning... I just jumped in. Well! I am so pleased with the entire thing! Meredith was so charming, gentle and engaging that the time flew by and I hardly felt anything but a bit of a pinch with only a bit of swelling and redness which subsided within a day or two. It's been 3 months since the follow-up appointment and am so thrilled with the results. Quick & easy getting ready in the morning and a crisp look carried through the day. Never thought this little procedure would have such a great impact on my confidence. Have had quite a few people say how rested & "bright" I am! Hahahaha! Even the technician at Stripped said how good a job it is! Thank you, Meredith!

Catherine H


They happen by booking at the Flamingo Room. Located in Parksville, BC.

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