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Natural-Looking Cosmetic Tattoos

Free Phone Consultation / $45 In-studio 25 min

  • Please read the Cosmetic Tattooing Guide before booking a
  • Consultations are required if you have evidence of previously tattooed brows and are not yet a Flamingo Room
  • We do not pre-draw the shape at your consultation but we will discuss your preferences.

Brow Lamination w/Tint – $95+tx  60min.

  • Perfect for those with a full to medium amount of brow hair.
  • Tames coarse or irregular hair.
  • Gives a groomed, brushed-up look.
  • Non-invasive. Includes brow shaping. 

Non-laser Brow Tattoo Lightening $125+tx per session.

  • Lighten/remove pre-existing eyebrow tattoos.
  • 1.5hrs.
  • Call to book an emergency removal. Must be within 48hrs of receiving the tattoo.



Cosmetic Tattooing Services

**Please read the Cosmetic Tattooing Guide before booking. If you arrive and we can not conduct the service due to something listed in the guide you will lose your deposit.

Combo Brows $550+tx. Includes 1st touch-up.

  • Machine-drawn (Nano) individual hair strokes and micro shading as needed to create fuller and more defined
  • Requires a good amount of natural hair. For those with dry to normal skin. Not for those with large pores,
    oily, thin, or mature skin (over 40).
  • 3.5hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1-2 years.

Ombré/Powder Brow $550+tx. Includes 1st touch-up.

  • Soft and natural-looking. Note I do not do full-make-up looks.
  • The best technique to cover faded brow tattoos, clients with little to no brow hair.
  • Suitable for all skin types, and ages.
  • 3hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1.5-4 years

Lash Enhancement $450+tx Includes 1st touch-up

  • A tattooed line within the lash line.
  • Subtle for those wanting a natural look.
  • Best for those with a decent amount of lashes.
  • 2.5hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1-5 years.

Classic Liner $525+tx Includes 1st touch-up

  • A tattooed line within and slightly outside of the lash line.
  • Appropriate for any amount of lashes including no lashes.
  • 3hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1-5 years.

Classic Liner Extra Thick or with Wing $575+tx Includes 1st touch-up

  • For those wanting a bold look.
  • A thick liner can be wedged style or winged. (see the guide for examples).
  • Not everyone can have a wing. We look to see if the eye is hooded and examine the eye creases. If a wing can not be done but you want a thick line we’d do a wedge style.
  • 3.5hrs. Typically requires a touch-up in 1-5 years.

Bottom Lash Enhancement adds $50+tx to the service cost. Includes 1st touch-up

  • A thin line is tattooed along the bottom lid lashes.
  • For those wanting a full makeup look.
  • Adds 25min to the service. Typically requires a touch-up in 1-5 years.

Touch-ups are for existing clients only.

  • 1st touch-up is included with the initial service.
  • Within 5 months of the first appointment $75+tx One service.
  • 5 months–4 years $280+tx  One service
  • 4-5 years $375+tx One Service
  • After 5 years full-service cost. Two Services.



I get it! I also used to have over-plucked thin and patchy brows. Cosmetic tattooing was the perfect solution for me. My new wake-up-and-go brows gave me such a confidence boost that I chose cosmetic tattooing as a career!

Cosmetic tattooing came quite naturally to me. Over the last 20 years, I’ve created a career as a furniture maker, sculptor, and gallery owner. All of these ventures honed my hands and artistic eye.

When I’m not in the studio you might find me on the dance floor, playing with fashion, in the garden with my dogs, or creating art with my man.

xoxo, Meredith


Client Love Letters

Shawnna Onischuk
Shawnna Onischuk
March 27, 2024
“Simply the Best” ⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was my first experience with a cosmetic tattoo, from the Initial consultation to my final touch up appointment Merideth was exceptional. She explained the procedure from start to finish and answered all of my questions thoroughly, I felt completely at ease. It was an absolute joy to meet Meredith and I love my new brows! Highly recommend The Flamingo Room.
Blanka Natale
Blanka Natale
March 16, 2024
Absolutely love my brows, I wish I had them done sooner. Meredith is an amazing artist!
Michele Herron
Michele Herron
March 10, 2024
My experience with Meredith was fantastic! I needed something done with my eyebrows and through word of mouth, I was told that The Flamingo Room was the place to go. I love my nano powder ombre eyebrows - Meredith does awesome work and gives a natural look. Meredith is a lovely lady who is very experienced, knowledgeable & professional and she cares about her clients - she follows up and contacts you after your service which is a very nice touch!
Janice Lucas
Janice Lucas
March 7, 2024
I heard about Meridith from the flamingo room from a friend. When I went and got my eyebrows tattooed I found her very knowledgeable and helpful with picking color and shaping to make the eyebrow very natural. I would definitely recommend her place to everyone. Check her out you won’t be sorry
Shannon Gray
Shannon Gray
March 7, 2024
My gradually greying and disappearing eyebrows were not making me happy-what luck that I should meet Meredith! I literally had them done 24 hours ago, so I have hardly begun healing, BUT I have the most delightfully appropriate brows. Meredith is a true Artist!
Karen Woodburn
Karen Woodburn
March 5, 2024
Great outcome!! Meredith was wonderful she was very confidant and knowledgeable on doing my lips!!!!!!! colour and placement KEY!!!!! Love my lips!!!!!! Thank you Meredith
Brittany Gagne
Brittany Gagne
February 25, 2024
Meredith is a gift to women (and men too) everywhere. After 2 years of deliberation I took a leap of faith and asked Meredith to give me eyebrows again. As I age my blonde turns to grey and along this journey I am losing my eyebrows. I never had a tattoo before and didn't know what to expect so I was nervous but equally excited. Meredith took SO much time with me. I never felt rushed and she made sure the shape and colour was perfect before she began. The tattoo wasn't painless but it was very manageable. I like how Meredith calls the areas that have more feeling, spicy! She always made every effort to talk with me, check in and was very thorough in teaching me aftercare. I absolutely loved my brows so much that I signed up for lip blushing too! This woman is a queen of her art. I described the colour I hoped for and with her skill and eye for colour she blushed my lips the perfect colour! I couldn't be happier. You are in the hands of an artist who is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable about her craft. You honestly cannot find anyone better. I'm so grateful for the gift of beauty she gave me. 💓
Lynnie Madiuk
Lynnie Madiuk
February 10, 2024
I highly recommend Meredith-) I had my Brows Tattooed . Get your brow’s done before summer ☀️ Meredith is a Amazing tattoo artist ! I am so happy with my “ New brows🦩 Lynn.🌼
Tanis Bonar
Tanis Bonar
February 8, 2024
Meredith is very passionate and dedicated to her client’s vision. Her knowledge on its own sets her apart from others in this field! I’m overjoyed with my results and I trusted Meredith every step of the way. Highly recommend!



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