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Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal

What type of tattoo removal/lightening process do you use?

At Flamingo Room, we use LI-FT pigment lightening solution. It is a saline-based product that also contains citrus seed extracts to promote fading and aloe to promote healing.

Li-FT works using osmosis and your body’s natural healing process to gently lift tattoo pigment up to the surface. This method of removal minimizes the chance of causing lasting damage to your melanocytes (colour-producing skin cells), and permanently affecting the integrity of your skin.


Immediately after each treatment, the area will appear quite red, or sometimes the colour of the pigment being removed. We clean the treated area but do allow a slight pooling of fluids to encourage coagulation and the formation of a crust. The appearance is initially very similar to that of a scraped knee.

How Long Does It Take For The Scab To Fall Off?

The treated area should be kept dry and left alone as long as possible. The longer the crust stays in place, the better your tattoo removal outcome. Generally, this is 7-10 days.

OMG, I’ll have a scab on my face?

Fortunately, the treated area is exactly the shape of your tattoo. So in the case of eyebrows for instance, although a scab will be present, it may just appear as darker eyebrows to those around you. 

What Do I Do Once The Scab Falls Off?

Continue to keep the area clean, somewhat dry, and protect the area from the sun for at least 4 weeks. It is normal for your skin to appear pink for several weeks. Use Vit E oil to help heal your skin. No matter how healed your skin appears on the surface, we wait a full 8 weeks for the skin to be thoroughly healed before re-treatment.

How many removal treatments will it take?

The number of removal treatments required depends upon several factors including your skin type, depth, number of layers of pigment, age of the tattoo, and type of tattoo or pigment used. It also depends on your desired outcome. In some instances, lightning is adequate before covering the area with new work, and in other cases, a complete removal is desired. Generally, 1-5 tattoo removal treatments are needed.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

We will not perform removal if you:

     * are under the age of 18   

     * are pregnant or breastfeeding

     * are on acne medication or have been in the last year

     * have keloid scarring

     * have Vitiligo

     * have uncontrolled diabetes

     * are prone to hyperpigmentation

How Should I Prepare For My Appointment?

* No exfoliating skincare products on the area the week before your treatment, including Retinol

* Pain tolerance is reduced just before, and during, menstruation. Keep this in mind when timing the booking of your appointment.

* Make sure you don’t have any significant events planned for several days after your treatment. The treated area will appear quite red/dark immediately after treatment and scabbing will be present for 7-10 days.


How is removal done?

After the application of a numbing agent, Li-FT solution is applied using tiny needles designed to maximize skin penetration while minimizing skin damage. This is done with a hand tool.

How does the lightening solution work?

Li-FT solution is introduced into the dermis where its high concentration of solutes causes fluid to move towards it from within adjacent cells and interstitial space via osmosis. The osmotic pressure created causes excess saline (and pigment particles), together with your natural body fluids that are produced as a response to the dermal injury, to rise to the surface of your skin. During the healing process, a scab is formed and as your skin continues to heal from underneath, the scab eventually dislodges and takes the pigment particles with it.

Can I just use salt?

NO! This is not table salt or drugstore saline and it must be applied by someone who is professionally trained in removal. Despite what you might read on the internet, attempting removal on your own will very likely result in permanent scar tissue. Li-FT  is a professionally manufactured, sterile, safe and 100% pure tattoo removal product that is appropriate for tattooing into the skin.

How does LI-FT Tattoo Lightening Solution differ from laser tattoo removal?

Li-FT solution relies on your body’s natural healing mechanism to gently lift the pigment up and out to the surface of your skin. Laser tattoo removal involves the application of bursts of heat to break up large pigment particles which are then absorbed from within your body.

Laser tattoo removal can sometimes be a faster alternative to saline for the right clients. Li-ft is great when addressing small sections of the brows. If you have saturated brows then laser removal might be a better option. To enquire about laser removal done please call Des at 250.327.7579. She can answer all of your questions and help you.